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Traveling to Iran by bike was very intense! It is one of those travels where you meet a civilization with infinite richness, mysterious and fascinating, in the heart of the past greatness of the Persian Empire. We discovered a developed country, roads in good condition, drinking water almost everywhere, no significant problem with people saying […]

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Sunday, June 3, 2018, we entered Azerbaijan, a country we cycled from west to east. Visa printed in pocket, we crossed the border between Georgia and Azerbaijan and it took us about thirty minutes. After a few pedal strokes, at about 5km after the border, we met other cyclists: Elis and Lukas, a german couple […]

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Georgia (part 2): Between Vineyards and Monasteries

Thursday, May 24th 2018, we arrived in Tbilisi, the capital of the country, where we stayed almost a week. A vibrant, charming and amazing city. The city is a unique architectural blend combining Byzantine, Persian, European and Russian inspirations. We enjoyed walking in the cobbled streets of the old town, admiring the old houses with […]

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Here we are in Georgia, a former soviet republic, located in the Caucasus region, halfway between Europe and Asia. From the first pedal strokes after the turkish border, we saw a church, the beach, children in swimsuits who were running barefoot on the road, people in the water. It was like a recovered freedom ! […]

It’s the Black Sea !

Our crossing of Turkey by bike is at its end: we are about to leave behind a beautiful and very endearing country, warm, smiling inhabitants, always ready to help, tasty food and exceptional landscapes. We decided to head to the Black Sea and go along the coast to join Georgia. During our last two weeks […]

Cycling Turquey, Avanos, Cappadocia.

Cycling Turkey: from Cappadocia to Sivas

For a month and a half now that we are cycling across Turkey, the country is so big that we are only halfway there. We cycle on the highway to go faster: it is accessible to bicycles, in very good condition, free but quite monotonous. We continued our way to Cappadocia, a region in central […]

Cycling Turquey, Antalya cost.

Cycling Turkey : Central Anatolia

After more than 7,000 km traveled since this beginning of our bicycle trip, we reached the great city of Antalya, a pleasant and dynamic city, lined with long beaches and home to several archaeological sites. Leaving Antalya, the coast has hundreds of huge resorts that stretch for miles. On the beach in the evening, in […]

Cycling Turquey, Antalya port city center.

Cycling Turkey : mediterranean cost

Crossing Turkey by bike is pleasant both the roads are in good condition and well developed, the landscapes of the Mediterranean coast of great beauty, the environment very clean, a green and living nature that seems well preserved, in a very modern country and very westernized. The Turkish flag is omnipresent, we see it everywhere. […]