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Switzerland - Germany

From Mulhouse to Regensburg-537 km

1st part: From Mulhouse to Ulm – 294 km travelled (from 15th to 19th day)

Tuesday 5 September (15th day), last stop in France in Mulhouse in Alsace.

Yasmina and Arthur in Mulhouse
Day in Mulhouse, tour of the city

Thanks to Nath and Kevin for welcoming us home for two days and for discovering the area.

Arthur and Kevin on the square in Mulhouse

With Nath, Kevin and their friends. Thank you for your great welcome!
With Nath, Kevin and their friends.
Alsatian tart
Evening Pie outbreak Alsatian

Wednesday, September 6 (16th day), we left Mulhouse, had lunch in Basel and slept at the edge of the Rhine opposite the village of Schworstadt: 72 km travelled.

Basel, on the banks of the Rhine (Switzerland)
Basel, on the banks of the Rhine (Switzerland)
Factory in Switzerland
Switzerland on the German border

Thursday, September 7 (17th Day), a flat tyre made us lose all morning. In the evening we slept, always on the Swiss side, in the village of Weiach: 64 km travelled.

Crévée wheel during our bike trip

City of Stein am Rhein
Stein am Rhein (Switzerland)

Friday 8 September (18th day), we arrived on the German side and spent the night near the village of Horn: 80 km travelled.

Germany sign

19th Day, after pedaling all day in the rain, we arrived in the city of Ulm: 78 km travelled (stop two days in Ulm).

Cycling in the Rain

Part II: From ULM to Regensburg – 243 km travelled (from 20th to 25th days)

After a hard day the night before in a continuous rain, we rested two days with Judith, our German host.

At Judith, our German host in ULM
TV Night at Judith, German of course (and without subtitles)

On the 20th and 21st days (Sunday 10 and Monday 11 September) we visited ULM.

Ulm Cathedral
ULM, world famous for the spire of its “cathedral” which is the highest in the world, it seems!
After 20 minutes of Ascension, finally arrive at THE Summit!

Arthur and Yasmina in ULM, Germany

ULM, Germany

On the 22nd day (Tuesday 12 September), we took the road (arrival about 10km after the village of Donauwörth): 103 km travelled.

Meeting with a Saudi cyclovoyageur, with whom we pedaled all afternoon
Meeting with Tarik, a Saudi cyclo-traveler, with whom we pedaled all afternoon.

On the 23rd day, Wednesday, September 13th, we started at 9:30 a.m. to arrive near Abensberg: 100 km travelled.

On the 24th day, Thursday 14th September, we arrived again in a city, the city of Regensburg: 40 km travelled.

On the 25th day, Friday, September 15, we took a break and visited the city.

Yas by bike on the bridge of Regensburg
Arrival in Regensburg

Arthur in front of the church of Regensburg

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