Bye bye Germany, hello Vienna!

1st part: from Regensburg to Vienna

26th Day, Saturday 16 September, Regensburg to Bogen: 60 km travelled.

Arthur at Walhalla
The Walhalla

27th Day, Sunday September 17th, we woke up on a French cyclo-traveler who was passing by, he was on the road back after 5 months cycling in eastern Europe.  We arrived in Passau, the last German city on our way, near the Austrian border: 80 km travelled.

We spent one night at the hotel, where we met Jack and his wife, some 50-year-old Canadians from Vernon (near Vancouver), who also travelled a part of Europe on a bicycle and took the same route.

Yas Picnic on the banks of the Danube
Pic-Nic on the banks of the Danube

28th Day, Monday 18 September, after a long road along the Danube with a beautiful sun during the day but rain in the late afternoon and all night, we stayed in a hotel in Aschach: 71 km travelled.

Yasmina Cycling on the road along the Danube
On the road to Austria, along the Danube

29th Day, Tuesday 19 September, despite a lingering rain, we took the start around 11am, lunch in Linz (Austria), then arrived at Mitterkirchen for the night: 85 km travelled. The rain will not stop falling all night.

30th Day, Wednesday, September 20, the rain has not stopped. We took the road in the morning, but when we arrived at YBBS, we were forced to stop because the rain was intensifying. Soaked and in a pouring rain, we took the train to Vienna (100km by train).

31st and 32nd Day: We took the time to visit the Austrian capital, Vienna!

Yas by bike in front of the Vienna city hotel

Arthur at the Belvedere Palace in Vienna
The Belvedere Palace


Arthur at Hundertwasserhaus
The Hundertwasserhaus

Yasmina at Hundertwasserhaus

Part II: From Austria to Slovenia

33rd day, departure from Vienna, Saturday, September 23rd. After a big day, we put the tent at the edge of the Pitten River at Grimmenstein: 105 km travelled.

Day in Vienna

34th day, first big difficulty: the mountain! We climb to 1000 m altitude in Mönichkirchen, a small Austrian ski resort, after two hours of ascent (mainly on foot). We put the tent in a field to Mitterberg: 75km travelled.

Arthur caressing a cow from the Austrian mountain
Beautiful Austrian cows at the top of the mountain!

Yasmina Mountain Bike in Austria
The mountain, it wins you (where not)!

At the top of the bike Montgane

35th Day, Monday 25 September, after a day of pedaling we lay the tent a few kilometers from the village of Schiefer: 78km travelled.

Bivouac in a field in Austria, view from above
Night Bivouac seen from above (where you have to get used to wet grass, cold and humidity)
Salamander in Austria
Morning meeting with a salamander
Arthur is showering outdoors
Let’s shower like we can!
Parade of a military tank at a local festival
Austrian ostriches

36th Day, Tuesday 26 September, awakening in a thick fog, we are eager to leave Austria, its cloudy sky and its hostile mountains. Finally arrived in Slovenia, in Maribor, 2nd largest city of the country: 101 km travelled.

At the border, waiting for the rain to stop.
Finally in Slovenia!! We find the sun, beautiful roads, a smiling population, all at half price, ah what a beautiful country!

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