Cycling in Split, Croatia.

Croatian coast

Still in Croatia, we enjoy the quiet life on the islands. There are many islands in Croatia, unfortunately we will not be able to do all of them. The tourists on site are only Germans or Austrians and the Croats speak to us only in German.

51st Day, Wednesday 11 October, departure from Valun Bay (on the island of Cres) for the island of Lošinj,(accessible by road): 50 km travelled.

Valuen, Island of Cres
View from our room at Valuen, departure for Lošinj.
View of the island of Cres
The road on the island is difficult, mainly uphill, but the view is superb
View of the lake from the island of Cres from the road
Lake Cres
Rocks in Mali Lošinj
Dinner on the Rocks (Mali Lošinj) and put the tent right behind, between the pine trees.
Sunset in Mali Losinj
Sunset after eating

52nd Day, Thursday 12 October, the ferry to reach the coast is only once a week on Friday. So we spend the day on the island until the next day.

Village of Veli Losinj
Village of Veli Lošinj.
Pontoon on the beach at Veli Losinj
Afternoon at the beach at Veli Lošinj. We will put the tent here, in the grass behind.
Tent near the beach at Veli Losinj
Bivouac at the beach.

53rd Day, Friday, October 13, morning beach and then boarding on the ferry at 5pm towards the city of Zadar (7am crossing).

Along the coast in Mali Losinj
Along the coast of the island, direction the centre of Mali Losînj to take the ferry

Small port on the island of Mali Losinj

Waiting for the ferry from Mali Losinj to Zadar
We wait for the ferry (which will arrive with an hour late)
Boarding in the ferry from Mali Losinj to Zadar
Boarding for Zadar, finally back on the mainland! We will arrive around midnight and put the tent behind some houses in Bibinje.

54th Day, Saturday 14 October, breakfast in Bibinje and visit of the city of Šibenik: 71 km travelled.

Breakfast in front of the sea in Croatia
Tent in a field of olive groves in Vrpolje
Night in a field of olive groves, 6 km after Šibenik

55th Day, Sunday, October 15, direction the city (very touristy) of Split! 71 km travelled. In the south of Croatia, even more touristy, we cross a lot of buses of Chinese, and Germans of course!

At the top of the road with a view of Trogir
Direction Split!
City of Trogir: Break for lunch and sightseeing.

56th Day, Monday 16 October, day in Split with our friend Tomislav, who hosted us two nights and with whom we had a great time. Afternoon beach.

Split with our friend Tomislav
Visit the city centre of Split with Tomislav!

Beautiful jump of Arthur, about 12 m high, in Split!

City center of Split
City center of Split

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